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Dogo Argentinos

I saw my first Dogo on T.V. and fell instantly, madly in love with the breed! I started researching them, and six months or so later, we welcomed our first Dogo home. My husband has genuinely adopted this breed as his as they seem to hold an extraordinary place in his heart. This breed is one of a kind! I know you hear that a lot, but even I was surprised with how accurate a statement that is! The breed is stubborn, strong-willed, brave, courageous, loyal, patient, and forgiving. And let's not forget STRONG! Consistency and follow-through are absolute requirements with this breed or they will take over your life!

If you are willing to put in the work of training and to socialize, a Dogo could be the best dog you ever own!

We will be producing a very limited number of Dogo puppies going forward. This is a special breed, that requires a committed, strong owner. Please do your research before inquiring about a Dogo puppy.

After meeting with multiple breeders, Heather and her Dogos were some of the best in the states. The love and care that they give their animals really shows.

Thank you for everything!

Trevor Chiappisi

March 16, 2019

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