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Niko and Gemma

Hi, my name is Heather Muzzey, and I am located in Lithia, FL, with my husband Wade, 2 cats, 2 blue and gold macaws, 7 chickens and ALL the dogs! Lol. Life here is never boring and we love it that way!

Diamondcrest Kennels is located on a big shaded acre out in the country where the dogs have tons of room to run and play and even an in-ground pool to swim in. 

Breeding is a passion my husband and I love! We will never be rich in money (cause...dogs), but we are so very rich for getting to do what we love. And what we love is bringing joy to families all over the United States! THAT'S our payday! Those photos from families showing how our puppies make their lives richer too! Breeding is not always easy. There are days of heartbreak and days of elation, there is lots of sacrifice (vacation...what's that?) and lots of love, but there is never any doubt about doing this. If I won the lottery, I'd still be a dog breeder. It is in my soul and I couldn't ever imagine doing something else!

We are sure you have many more questions, so we invite you to check out the rest of our website! You will find much more information and lots more pictures! If you still have questions, or would like more info, please CONTACT US! We hope that you will choose a Diamondcrest dog to be a part of your family. You'll be glad ya did!

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