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Reserving a puppy...

Who Are We

How much is the reservation fee?

Reservation fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and are $300. 

Reservation Rules:

• The Seller reserves the right to keep any puppy(ies), at any time, to add to our breeding program. 

• The Seller may terminate the sale/contract at any time, for any reason, by returning the reservation fee to the Buyer.

• This fee is non-refundable and is payment for services already rendered (correspondence, social media posts, etc).

• The fee DOES goes towards the total purchase price of the puppy.

• The Buyer may choose to roll the reservation once with no penalty.

If the reservation is rolled a second time, pricing is no longer guaranteed and the Buyer will be moved to "inactive" status until they advise the Seller they are ready to commit to a puppy from a specific litter. If a puppy is not then chosen from that specific litter, the deposit will be forfeited. (The purpose of this is to prevent "1st pick hogging" where one person sits in the first spot indefinitely, which is unfair to the other puppy families.)

• If the Reservation is not applied to a puppy within 24 months of receipt, the fee is forfeited.

By placing a reservation with the Seller, the Buyer is acknowledging agreement to these terms.

Payment Options

We only accept PayPal or Venmo for reservations.

Final balances must be paid using another method.

️Snail Mail: Personal Check, Money Order or Cashier Check
Made payable to Diamondcrest Farms and mailed to 9007 Carey Rd, Lithia FL 33547.
*Must be received within 72 hours to hold your spot on the deposit list.


Buyer agrees to use "Friends and Family/Person you trust/No to purchases" only or please include fees with your payment. Google PayPal/Venmo calculator to calculate fees or let me know and I can tell you the fees. Any fees deducted from your payment will be billed to the Buyer and must be paid in full before go home day.)
️Venmo - @Heather-Muzzey
️PayPal -

️CashApp - $HeatherMuzzey
️Zelle - 603-998-0628


Once Reservation is paid...


You will need to print and complete the the buyer portion of the Purchase Contract, sign/initial where indicated and send a scanned copy to



Once your reservation fee is paid, please send your name, address, phone and email for my records and I'll send an invoice showing your payment and balance remaining as well. If you have any other question, please let me know.


Welcome to the family!  


Heather and Wade Muzzey

Diamondcrest Farms

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