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@ Diamondcrest Farms

We got our start with Ridgebacks over 15 years ago! After a friend showed me the breed I was so intrigued, as most are by that RIDGE! It was just the neatest thing. The personality sounded as beautiful as the dog looked. Before I knew it, we had our first Ridgeback named Bella. She was stunning and I just couldn't stop staring at that ridge! She had the biggest paws and an even bigger heart. We were hooked!

Later we tried AKC conformation showing and while it was fun at times, it also was very stressful at times. Add to this my kids were still young and we just decided conformation showing wasn't for us. However, we will never regret the time we spent showing as it taught us how to truly critique your breeding stock. I am very confident in saying, we have absolutely gorgeous representatives of the breed at this very moment!

Health is extremely important to us and so all of our Ridgebacks are OFA'd for hips and elbows and are DM clear by parentage! Temperament is equal to health and we are proud to say our Ridgebacks have wonderful personalities. They love our visitors, but also have no problem letting us know when someone is at the gate or lurking around! LOL.


Ridgebacks are  an easy breed to live with! The love vegging out on the couch and are equally as enthusiastic to go on a 5 mile run...and then run some more! Ha! If you have any questions about the noble, beautiful and protective breed, please don't hesitate to ask! We love talking Ridgie!

We are very proud of our reviews on Facebook and Google. 

See our Google reviews by clicking HERE.

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