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Helpful YouTube videos!
There are so many great videos already out there, which means there's no need to reinvent the wheel, right?

We hope you find all of these videos helpful! If you have a favorite of your own...share it with us and we will add it below!


Ear Posting

McCann Dog Training
We absolutely LOVE this channel!
So many great videos to choose from and lots for the new puppy owner! I've included just a few of the good ones below! I highly recommend spending some time looking through the videos BEFORE your puppy comes home!

The number one question I receive after puppies go home is "how do I stop the biting". Well, McCann Dog Trainging addresses that too. For some reason you have to actually go to YouTube to see that video, but don't despair, I've included the link below for you!

Puppy biting and correcting your puppy: 

--- Whole vid above has LOTS of great info, or you can skip to the chapter you're interested in. Here's 2 that address biting and corrections. ---

• Nipping (and excellent puppy correction):

• Passive Restraint (Calm your pup):


Amazon New Puppy Shopping List: 

--- Find all of the amazing items we have tried and loved!. ---

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