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Hip Dysplasia post image.jpg
Hip Dysplasia post.jpg

Dysplasia of the hips and elbows can be greatly impacted by environmental factors like excessive exercise, up and down stairs daily, jumping in and out of a tall vehicle, etc. Being a responsible owner means doing your part to keep your pups joints healthy!

Internet Links:

There is an endless amount of information out there for free. There is no excuse for anyone to have an untrained dog, regardless of the money you have, the town you live in or any other excuse. Your dog is a reflection of YOU! If he fails, it is only becuase you failed him FIRST!

New Puppy Amazon Shopping List

Getting a new puppy and not sure what you should buy to be prepared? Check out our Amazon shopping list of recommended items. (We get no reimbursement for our recommendations.)

Lou Castle - ECollar Protocol
If you are going to use an ecollar (remote/shock collar), this is required reading. I have and use an ecollar and it is an amazing TOOL. It is not a magic button and you still have to work your dog, but it does make better use of the time you spend training and I have found it teaches a dog things that are hard to teach with out it. Such as the recall! BUT, like any tool, it must be used properly. If you need help, ask the experts, or me (although I am NOT an expert!).
Nothing in Life is Free
A wonderful training method that teaches dogs that they have to work for everything they get. It increases focus and reduces anxiety in shy dogs. If you are struggling with a dominant dog, this training is priceless!
Dog Training through Targeting
Teaching your dog to target is a very useful tool that can be a stepping stone to MANY other types of training. It can be used to teach a dog to ring a bell to go outside, turn off a light, shut a door or to improve competition heeling position. And it is easy to do and most important, fun for your dog!
Youtube Videos:

I'm a visual learner, so check out the vids

I found most informative!

Ear taping post surgery using a plastic cup

Build Attention: Game 1 Clicker dog training
How to Build Focus in the Dog Sport Ring Using 'Control Unleashed' tools (clicker training) reactive
How to Train a Dog to Go to a "Place" Mat (
Celeste Meade- Brick Work "Get In"--Part I
Learn To Train The Good Dog Way: E-Collar training introduction and recall Pt. 1
First E collar Session With Pak Masters Dog Training
** Love ALL of Larry Krohn's vids!
Socializing Puppies to Surfaces and Sounds - clicker dog training
How to Socialize a Puppy to New Objects - Creating a 'Bombproof' Service Dog
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