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Z Litter


Born: 03/03/24

Ready: NOW



Female - Zuri (ridgeless)



A1 Litter


Born: 03/13/24

Ready: 05/21/24



Females - 2 liver nose, 3 black nose

Males - 1 liver nose, 3 black nose

For more pictures, videos and the most up to date info on our Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies, please see our socials linked below.  Our YouTube channel really shows how we raise our puppies using a puppy curriculum that ensures happy, confident puppies!

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If you're interested in a puppy, the 1st step is completing our puppy application (linked below). This will tell us more about you, what you're wanting in a puppy and gives us a place to start in getting to know you better.




Puppy must be paid in full by 6 weeks old. 


• $3000 Ridged Puppy

May or may not have a minor fault such as single crown ridge, minor kink in tail, too much white or cryptorchid male, etc. (This option requires non-breeding agreement and will have limited AKC registration.) 


• $1500 Ridgeless Puppy

Just as amazing as their ridged siblings. There are no health issues related to ridgelessness, it is purely a cosmetic detail. 


• $$$ by request ‐ Breeding/Show

 We prefer to sell our puppies with limited registration, as loving pets only, but full registration for breeding is offered to ethical and responsible breeders only.


• $300 ‐ Reservation Fee

Reservation fee is non - refundable and covers all services rendered prior to reserving a puppy, but does go towards the total price. 

A puppy is not reserved until this fee is paid. 


All Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies will come with the following:

AKC registration  |  30-day free pet insurance through Trupanion  |  2-year health warranty  |  Up-to-date on all vaccines  |  Up-to-date worming  |  Microchip  |  FL health certificate  |  Lifetime breeder support! 

What makes our puppies different? 



We start our puppies on potty pan training at 3 weeks old!!! Sounds crazy right? It really does work and teaches our puppies the idea of "There's a place to go and places not to go". Check out our YouTube channel to see videos of our puppies from the beginning of potty training to being darn near completely accident free by the time they go home! 



Puppies are introduced to a crate at around 5-6 weeks of age. We add the crate with doors open for the litter to explore and by the time they go home they are much more comfortable being crated for a short period. Our goal isn't how long they will crate quietly for, it is that they are calm and relaxed while they are in a crate. This makes those first few nights at home so much easier on you and the puppy! 



Our pups are RAW fed and get all kinds of new foods to try. This creates puppies that love to try new foods and really helps avoid those picky eaters. Blueberries, raw eggs, yogurt, pumpkin, carrots are all great toppers to the raw beef and chicken mix they love so much! 



Our puppies are raised with advanced curriculum! This curriculum focuses on laying a strong foundation of trust and all of those things that make a smooth and successful transition to their new homes. These daily exercises create confident puppies that make a great addition to many families. 


 We believe our puppies make a difference in many lives and we do everything we can to be sure that difference is nothing short of amazing!  



Parents are health tested (hips and elbows), and are heart cleared (by veterinarian).  



• AKC registration (Limited Non-Breeding) 

• 2 year health warranty

• Up to date on vaccines 

• Up to date worming

• Microchip

• FL health certificate

• 30 days of free pet insurance 

• Lifetime breeder support! 


 Our YouTube channel shows past and current puppies! You can see all we do to produce the best puppy possible! 


 Our Facebook page can be viewed at 


 And don't forget to check out our reviews on GOOGLE! 

Our Google Reviews can be seen here: 


 Our purchase contract can be viewed here:!Ak98iNux65iBgfBHkVnis0h8tRy3ng 


 If interested in a puppy, please start by completing our puppy application: 


If you would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact us at  


Warmest regards, 

Heather Muzzey

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