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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of your puppies?

- The price for each breed is listed on the Puppies page for that breed and litter.

How does your selection process work?
- Order of deposit (lists are separated by gender) determines picking order. Puppies are selected at 6 weeks of age. This allows time for the puppies personality and looks to mature a bit BEFORE decisions are made. We want to honor each puppy and each family by ensuring the right puppy goes to the right family. We can not do that prior to 6 weeks since personality really doesn't even begin to show until 6 weeks of age. 
EXAMPLE: If you are the 3rd person on the male deposit list, you will be the 3rd person to pick of available males
on picking day. That means 2 other families will choose their male puppy before you and you will choose from the remaining pups.

- Example Email: If you have 3rd choice of male puppies, you would need to email at least your top 3 males in order of preference. If you have any questions about selection process, please ask! 

- After I have received everyone's preference order, I will go through and assign pups based on deposit and the lists. 

- If you are ever not happy with the puppy(s) that are available once it is your turn to select, you may roll your deposit to the next available litter.

What payment methods do you accept?
- We accept the following electronic payment options for deposit: PayPal (Friends and Family option only to avoid fees or add 3% processing fee), Venmo, CashApp and Zelle. A check may be sent as deposit but must be mailed as NEXT DAY. Should a check be mailed, we will hold your place for 24 hours pending arrival of your check.
- Final balance must be paid with a check, money order or cashier's check, Zelle or CashApp. We do NOT accept Paypal or Venmo for final payments. Any payments made at pick up will only be accepted in CASH or with electronic method mentioned above. Please be aware we live in the country and signal can be spotty, even with the best carriers (Verizon, T-mobile, etc all have trouble here!)

What does our puppy come with?
AKC registration application  |  30-day free pet insurance through Trupanion  |  2-year health guarantee  |  Up-to-date on all vaccines  |  Up-to-date worming  |  Microchip  |  FL health certificate  |  BAER hearing test (Dogos only)  |  Puppy collar, leash and toy  |  Lifetime breeder support!

When can we pick up our puppy?
- Usually at 8.5 weeks of age. Florida law, and ethical breeding, demands the pups stay with the mother and littermates until the age of 8 weeks, so please do not ask us to release a puppy before this. On rare occasions, the puppies may have need to stay with the breeder for an additional amount of time. We reserve the right to delay delivery if we feel it is in your pet's best interest to remain with us. An example for this could be parasites (worms), which are very common for puppies, especially in warm climates such as ours. We worm all puppies preventatively and this works 99% of the time, but that 1% does pop up every now and then.
- Pups that have ears cropped (Dogos or Corsos) prior to going home, may need to stay an additional week or even more, depending on how the healing process goes. As with humans, each puppy can heal differently. We do NOT guarantee the final outcome of ear cropping for this reason. We will however, help you along the way, with your puppy's cropped ears! Check out our
Useful Links page for great videos on posting and taping your puppies cropped ears.

How are your puppies raised?

Our puppies are raised with advanced puppy curriculum (BaB/Puppy Culture) and we are so excited to share that with you and our puppies! 
The curriculum focuses on laying a strong foundation of true respect and trust between puppies and humans, other dogs and the world around them. By creating steadfast trust and building confidence so early on, our program facilitates a lifetime of high approach, confidence, touch tolerance, low sight, and sound sensitivity, as well as quick startle recovery regardless of the environment in which the puppy goes home. 
Each day the puppies will have "School Time" which will involve different things depending on puppies age and development. Puppies will be exposed to different sights and sounds and their confidence in believing in themselves will be fostered. The goal is to guide, shape and mold puppies based upon critical periods, constantly evaluating and adjusting as we go.

They will learn that the world is safe, people are kind and dogs are friendly.

We are changing lives through the power of a dog.

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