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So we have started a little collar making business and we'd love your support! Please check out our facebook page by clicking on the "Tiffany" collar above. Then like and share the heck out of it y'all! It takes a village to get a small, family owned and operated business off the ground. PLEASE BE OUR VILLAGE! (Not afraid of a little shamless begging.)

Tell us what you think and what kind of designs you'd like to see us make. At the ,mopment we can make custom collars in 6 different biothane color options. We have all 6 colors in both 1 inch and 1/2 inch widths and even have a 1.5 inch option in black only. 



Have your own rivites and what us to add them to a collar...

we can do that!

Want a matching leash...

we can do that!


Have a weird request or need a custom fit...

we can do that! 

Horse collars...

we can do that!


we can do that!

Human bracelet to match your dog's awesome Diamondcrest Designed collar...



Note: We have tons of rivet and stud options available and we can even make matching leashes or training tabs! A matching bracelet for the lucky human in your dog's life is also an option! Twinsies anyone? 😉


All likes and shares appreciated!!! 😍

Diamondcrest Designs Color Opions 1 inch
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