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"A" Litter

DOB: May 11, 2014

3 males (2 sable, 1 black and red), 1 female (sable)




Available: All Sold


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Pups @ Home >>



A Litter at Home
A litter 7 weeks

7 Weeks 06/29/14 >>


The puppies and I are getting ready for Homecoming...sort of. They are preparing to leave the nest and and start their next great adventure! I am so sure these guys are going to do great! They are just the most confident and focused pups and of course beautiful! They are completely weaned at this point, although they still TRY and nurse off of Mom. Gemma puts a quick stop to that though, and then they settle in for playtime with Mom. This playtime is so important for the pups and teaches them how to interact with other dogs. That is something I could NEVER teach them, no matter what. They are also spending time with our adult and young adult dogs and boy does their daddy love them! Of course, as I've said before, this is just the beginning! They will see and hear all sorts of new things in the coming months. Please remember to get them out and socialize, socialize, and socialize! This period in their life only happens once!


As is usually the case at this point, puppies have kept me busy and I don't have pictures this week. Stay tuned for pics with their new families on pick up day!

A litter 6 weeks

6 Weeks 06/22/14 >>


The puppies are working hard on their potty training this week! To make that easier, we installed a doggie door in their inside play pen. They now have access to an outside potty and play area and they are VERY good at using for potty breaks. It didn't take them long to figure it out. The pink girl was the first to figure it out (and the first to climb out of the whelping box), followed by the blue and green boys (at the same time) and last, poor little red boy is the biggest, but not the brightest in this situation. LOL! However, he did figure it out...eventually!


Mom is still coming in to nurse them a couple of times a day, but they are eating well on their own and the feedings are more for comforting mom and puppies. Gemma has also started to teach them manners! She puts their entire head in her mouth when they are being naughty! They get the message quick, but she is always gentle with them. They have also been introduced to the other dogs...all of which LOVE the puppies! It is really good socialization and teaches the puppy how to interact with other dogs. This training is priceless for growing babies.


We snapped a quick video this week of the puppies playing tug with a dish towel on the end of a dog leash. Not a flirt pole, but gets the job done! :)

A litter 5 weeks

5 Weeks 06/15/14 >>


The puppies had another first this week! They got to go outside for the first time and I'm pretty sure they loved it. There were lots of new sights and SOUNDS! Bike week is this week and we are on the main route to Laconia so the puppies heard LOTS of really loud motorcycles, and didn't bat an eye! These are some solid, confident puppies! The chickens even decided to visit during the play time and that too was met with curiosity and enthusiam! I'm just so pleased with these babies. Enough talk, I'll get to the good stuff...PICTURES! Click the pictures to see a larger gallery!

A Litter 4 Weeks

4 Weeks 06/10/14 >>


The puppies got their first taste of real food last week and by now they are scarfing it up like pros! Momma Gemma is very happy about that I'm sure. She loves going in after for clean up and it gives the pup a quick snack at the milk bar. They have to drink quick, because she is in and out in a flash. Sharp puppy teeth are making her visits less and less frequent. Puppies are also much more mobile than they have been as you can see from the video below. They are running, playing, barking and growling. We are starting to get a great idea of personalities also. So far, the red boy (a.k.a Macho) is the most dominate, fearless puppy. He is followed closely by his sister (a.k.a Pistol Annie) as she is very playful and confident girl. The blue boy (a.k.a. Sqeaker) and the green boy (a.k.a. Avery<-by daughter picked that one) are about even in temperment. They are pretty easy going boys that love attention and cuddles. We are working hard on their recall this week so you can see the video below. We have even started to introduce sit, although that is far from video worthy! 

A Litter 3 Weeks

3 Weeks 06/02/14 >>


The puppies are coming up on a very exciting week! This week will be the first time they have a taste of real food! I know momma Gemma is VERY exciting about this as she is spending less and less time with pups. The puppies are playing with each other now and we are even greeted with wagging tails when they see us now! Plus, the pups got their first photo shoot this week. We hope you enjoy the pics! Click on the pictures below to see them enlarged!

A litter 2 Weeks

2 Weeks 05/25/14 >>


Well now, our babies are starting to look like cute little puppies, instead of slugs! ; ) They are starting to walk around a bit, looking a little drunk with lots of falling and rolling and starting over, but walking just the same. They have moved out of my bedroom and I can finally get some uninterrupted sleep! No more yips and howls in the middle of the night! Woo hoo! The most exciting thing this week, we have EYES! The pups can finally see the world around them, although it isn't very clear just yet. They are just the cutest little fluff balls! Love the yawning sequence in the video below. Check it out! 

4 Days 05/15/14 >>


The puppies are growing like weeds! They are so cute I just had to snap some more pics right after they got their first nail trim! Momma was very thankful for that!

A Litter 4 Days

2 Days 05/13/14 >>


Two days old and just beautiful! All are doing great, Gemma is being a wonderful Momma!

A litter 2 days

Birthday 05/11/14 >>

A litter Birthday

The pups were born on Mother's Day and what a gift they were! Of course, Gemma decided to take her sweet time! She started "labor" on Friday night glued to my leg while I slept. I knew we were getting close as she rarely gets on the bed. So, I thought we would be delivering maybe mid day on Saturday. However, as is usually the case, the first puppy didn't arrive until 1:00 AM on Mother's day. Typical!


Gemma's labor was very slow with minor contractions so after the first two puppies, we called the vet. Our wonderful vet at Healthy Hearts, came over to give Gemma a shot to get things moving. While things did speed up slightly, it was still slow going. However, the end result was so worth it! 

We have 1 girl (sable) and 3 boys (2 sable, 1 black and red), all beautiful, healthy and FAT!


Order of birth:

1st - Sable Female (Pink)

2nd - Sable Male (Green) 

3rd - Black and Red Male (Blue)

4th - Sable Male (Red)

We're Expecting! >>

A litter Announcement

We are very happy (and even more surprised) to announce we are expecting Schüttler Bach's "A" litter!



While we were planning a breeding with Gemma and Ando, we were not planning it for at LEAST another year when Ando would be older and both had their health testing complete! However, mother nature (and sneaky boys) have a mind of their own! This was an accidental or "oops" breeding as Ando snuck past me and the deed was done before I even realized he was not where he was supposed to be!


While unplanned, this litter is still highly anticipated! Being as this is our first litter in 3 years AND our first GSD litter, to say we are excited is an understatement! Gemma was confirmed pregnant with at least 5 puppies by ultrasound on Friday, 04/04/2014 and the puppies are due on May 11th, 2014. The vet was in love with our girl and went on and on about how beautiful she is (pictures really don't do her justice). Mom is very healthy and we are looking forward to an easy delivery for her and babies!


Ando will have his OFA x-rays done mid May and Gemma's will be completed as soon as the puppies are weaned as it is not safe during pregnancy. Puppies will come with a 2 year hip and elbow guarantee against genetic dysplasia.


We expect these pups to be a wonderful mix of show and working lines. These puppies should have medium energy, be calm when in the home, but will also require excercise on a regular basis (as all GSD's do). Both parents have wonderful temperaments and are great family companions with real protection. They are both house dogs (as are all of our dogs) and do very well in our home. 


We will be accepting limited deposits on these puppies once they are here. If you are interested in an amazing family companion, please feel free to contact us by email ( or by phone at



For now, enjoy some pictures of Ando and Gemma while growing up!

You can always go to their individual pages for more info and pictures!

Gemma and Ando enjoying the snow!

Gemma at the vet for her ultrasound to confirm pregnancy! What a pretty girl!

Ando thinks Gemma is CRAZY about her ball!

Ando is a big boy with a strong build.

And they were just the CUTEST puppies!

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