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"B" Litter



Date of Birth: April 1st 2015





Announcement            Birthday       


1 Week          2.5 Weeks           3.5 Weeks           4 Weeks


5 Weeks          6.5 Weeks         Pups go Home!

"B" Litter Goes Home >>

B Litter Goes Home

"B" Litter 6.5 Weeks >>

B Litter 6.5 Weeks

The puppies are 6 1/2 weeks old today and it seems the time to enjoy these angels is getting short. :( However, they are going to amazing homes and I'm sure they will all keep me updated with pictures! RIGHT? :\ 


They are very confident and fun puppies that all have their own unique personalities! Lt Blue girl and Orange boy are still looking for their forever homes, but we know they are out there! The pups are eating really well on their own, but Gemma still pops in several times a day for a feed and don't bite too hard!! They have also spent time playing with our older dogs and running around the yard and I can't tell they are nearly ready to continue their journey with their new people.


Now for what you've really been waiting for...PICTURES! We staged a little photo shoot today so I hope you all enjoy them! Click on the picutres to enlarge.


"B" Litter 5 Weeks >>

B Litter 5 Weeks

The puppies are 5 weeks old and a bundle of joy and trouble! My pants legs are no longer safe around the sharks...I mean sweeties! LOL. They are eating very well on their own and doing well with their "potty" training. I haven't been able to do clicker training for the last couple of days as my neck has been paining me something fierce. I have two herniated disks in my neck (saw the surgeon today) so it is making some things more difficult. I'm sorry for that. I will try to do better. Lucky for me, my daughter is a great puppy sitter and spends lots of time with them every day! Thanks Savannah! Anyway, here are some pictures I snapped tonight. Hopefully we can get some cute keepsake pictures for everyone this weekend. Enjoy!



Puppies have started both potty training and clicker training! Potty training is going great with #2, but is taking them a little longer to realize they need to hold #1 until they get to the potty box. Lol. They will get it though, just need more time. Only one session of clicker training so far, two pups at a time, but it went well. Pups had time to explore the kitchen and then we got started. I was trying to "shape" a sit. Basically if the happened to sit, they got a click, then a treat. Didn't take them long to kind of start to get it, but remember, it was the first session and I was pleased.

"B" Litter 4 Weeks >>

B Litter 4 Weeks

The pups had a big night tonight! They got real food for the first time and they LOVED it! Very messy but Gemma doesn't mind helping out on the clean up! Lol.

B Litter 3.5 Weeks

"B" Litter 3.5 Weeks >>

The puppies have had a very exciting week! The whelping box has been taken down and they now have a much larger area to run and play in. They seem to really enjoy investigating the space and toys! They are starting to walk much better and only slip and roll on occasion. That usually happens when they are trying to reach out and grab a toy and misjudge the distance! It is pretty funny to watch. Looks like they've had to much to drink but they will get better with practice! 

B Litter 2.5 Weeks

"B" Litter 2.5 Weeks >>

Puppies are two and a half weeks old and man they have grown! They are getting more mobile and louder too! Cuddle time at this age is priceless! Enjoy the video and pictures!

B Litter 1 Week

"B" Litter 1 Week >>

The pups are a week old! They are very busy these days...eating and sleeping and eating and sleeping! Hey, growing twice your weight in one week takes a lot of work! :) Momma is taking very good care of them!

B Litter Birthday

"B" Litter Birthday >>

The puppies were born on April Fool's Day! I had a feeling it was going to be the day as Gemma slept on the bed with me all night the night before. Text book for her just before labor. Gemma had her first pup just before 4:00pm and her last around 10:30pm. Not bad! We ended up with a very even litter, being 3 boys, 3 girls, 3 sables and 3 red and blacks! It was like I put in an order or something! 1 sable girl and 2 red and black girls, 2 sable boys and 1 red and black boy.


All of the puppies came out strong and with hearty appetites! We are so very happy everyone is healthy. Check out some pics below! Click any picture to see it enlarged.

B Litter Announcement

"B" Litter Announcement >>

"B" Litter is a repeat breeding of our "A" Litter shown below.

Click on the picture above to see more pics of our "A" Litter

Our "B" Litter will be a repeat breeding of our "A" Litter!



Ando and Gemma's first breeding resulted in 4 beautiful, confident, loving, loyal, and amazing puppies. Due to this, we have decided to repeat this breeding. We expect both stock and long coat puppies in red & black and sable.


If you are interested in this litter, please contact us for more information. We are accepting limited deposits for this litter as well as adding to our waiting list for those not yet ready to place a deposit. 


Enjoy some pictures of Ando and Gemma below and of course you can always go to their individual pages for more info and pictures!

Gemma and Ando enjoying the snow!

Gemma with her beloved Kong!

Ando is a big boy with a strong build.

And they were just the CUTEST puppies!

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